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My name is Matt Atkins. My beautiful wife Stephanie and I have been small business owners for the last 3 years. We started a healthy, gourmet meal delivery service called EatingPrimal and have been proudly serving the Colorado CrossFit community and the growing number of people adhering to The Paleo Diet. In our search for other healthy, convenient products to offer our customers, we were introduced to Organo Coffee by one of my favorite Denver Broncos of all-time, former All-Pro wide receiver, Mr. Rod Smith. Stephanie grew up in Seattle and has been drinking one brand of coffee since she was 15 years old. She reluctantly accepted the cup of coffee but only because Mr. Smith made it for her. 6 weeks later, we haven’t been a member of that long drive-thru line of the little coffee shop from Seattle. We found our BetterCupOfJoe and we want to share it with you.

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