Fund Raising with Better Cup Of Joe

So you’re in charge of planning a fundraiser to buy new uniforms for the high school band. Maybe your veterans’ group wants to help a local Wounded Warrior get a much-needed Medical Alert Service dog. No matter what charity or deserving individual or family you are trying to help, successful fundraising requires some unique ideas that are put into motion through careful planning. If you decide to sell a product, make sure it can be ordered by participants easily and it is the most profitable, yielding the highest return to your cause.

Selling coffee is a great idea for a fundraiser because it’s the most consumed beverage on the planet next to water. Over 54% of Americans drink coffee every day according to the Harvard School of Public Health. The folks at Zagat say we are obsessed with coffee, and for many, mornings aren’t complete without at least a cup or two. Fifty-two percent of Americans would rather go without their shower than give up their morning coffee!

Flavorful Organo Gold Coffee is an ideal product for your fundraiser; first because it’s a really good coffee that participants will be proud to sell. Second, you can select the fundraising platform that is the easiest to use when selling. In the more traditional method, coffee is sold directly to friends, relatives, and customers. Payment is collected, and the orders are sent in to the company. The coffee is shipped directly to your organization for distribution to customers.

The second method of selling Organo Gold is a fundraising platform that’s made-to-order for groups that don’t want participants selling door-to-door. Customers purchase their coffee on-line on a special fundraising website. Payment is handled then, and the coffee is shipped directly to the customer. Participants do not have to distribute orders to the purchasers, and at the end of the fundraiser, an agreed percentage of sales will be distributed to your special organization. An important plus is your customers can re-order coffee throughout the year, and your charitable organization will continue to receive its share of the funds.

These two fundraising platforms can be combined for maximum results. When you plan your fundraising campaign, don’t overlook the most important factor – select a product that is important to people, something that is useful and desirable. There’s no better choice than BetterCupOfJoe!


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